Gluten and Lactose Free ! The Ayurveda point of view

More and more people are intolerant to Gluten or Lactose (intolerance that we hear the most about today). The point of view of Ayurveda is interesting on this subject: According to Ayurveda, any intolerance of the body to a food is a sign of poor digestion, that is to say of a bad digestive fireContinue reading “Gluten and Lactose Free ! The Ayurveda point of view”

Testimony of Michael Phelps

“Throughout my career, I had a team of people around me that were paying attention to my physical health. If I needed to get stronger, there were 10 people finding out ways for me to get stronger. But mentally that wasn’t the case,” Phelps Michael “I think for a long time I looked at myselfContinue reading “Testimony of Michael Phelps”

Sophrology for athletes and musicians

Sophrology is widely used by top athletes and musicians to prepare mentally; also in hospitals to help patients; in companies to help employees manage stress, balance private and professional life, be more efficient and calm and better communicate. Tennis player Novak Djokovic practices SOPHROLOGY; He testifies: “I froze when I made a mistake. Now, IContinue reading “Sophrology for athletes and musicians”