Gluten and Lactose Free ! The Ayurveda point of view

More and more people are intolerant to Gluten or Lactose (intolerance that we hear the most about today).

The point of view of Ayurveda is interesting on this subject:

According to Ayurveda, any intolerance of the body to a food is a sign of poor digestion, that is to say of a bad digestive fire (called "Agni").
And what happens when this digestive fire is disturbed?
The process of digestion being disturbed will create toxins which will gradually accumulate (first of all) in the intestine.
This will have 2 effects:
- Prevent the assimilation of macro and micro nutrients (hence signs of lack of iron, magnesium, etc.)
- Create inflammation (which is the body's immune response) in the wall of the intestine and colon. Indeed these toxins (called "Ama") mix with bacteria, viruses and fungi damaging the intestinal walls. After a while, the body associates this inflammation with the food that creates Ama, which will create food sensitivity, or even allergy.

The aim is to remove Ama before the stage of the allergy is reached and of course, to reduce the inflammatory reaction.

1/ In a first step, avoid foods that create this reaction: it will therefore be to avoid foods containing gluten and lactose.
2/ Remove Ama from the intestines with medicinal plants *
3/ Restore Agni, our digestive fire with plants, massage, physical activity, meditation, breathing exercises
4/ Find the cause of the imbalance of the digestive fire. It is often difficult to identify 1 cause because they can be multiple: environment, activity, diet, state of mind/mental/psychology, living environment... As a practitioner, through my questions, I try to find the origin of the imbalance and suggest changes. It is then up to the client to experiment and observe. Be careful, "the same causes produce the same effects" so if the cause is not found, the 3 points above will not be lasting and the problem will persist or worsen.

* We will choose different plants according to the Ayurvedic profile of the person and possibly the other problems that could be associated with Gluten and Lactose intolerance (such as pain, chronic fatigue, Candida, gynecological problems, etc.)

I know, by experience, that making the changes is not an easy path. But, when you start to really feel the difference in your body, it’s totally worth it 🙂

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