About me

The HR experience mixed with
the Therapist expertise
to support people in releasing their potential and being in good Health.

Coaching, Sophrology and Ayurveda seem to be a lot of different techniques but for myself, I mean for me personally, this progression was necessary.
Coaching allowed me to understand my behavior and others, why I have some reactions or preferences ; understand my values and consequently better accept myself and make choices for myself and not what others tell me.
Sophrology guided me toward my feelings, allowed me to reconnect with my 5 senses and my emotions. I realized how life was fantastic and helped me to put things into perspective.
Ayurveda was incredible to understand my constitution from birth (and my long lasting unbalanced !) then choose the right food for me and instaure a daily routine to preserve my health as long as possible.

Why “The Sun Touch” ?
Sun highlights – Sun brings Energy
Sun helps grow and comforts

To each his own path, with successes, trials, errors and falls; everything that constitutes the wealth of a person and creates his uniqueness. My journey is of course made of all this but I always had deep in myself the vision of helping others to progress, to feel better, fulfilled. I love to see the Talent and Potential in each person and contribute to develop it.

My path

  • In Human Resources for 15 years, in very small companies to International Companies, from HR assistant to Director
  • 2 years as a career path counselor
  • Coach certified using tools like Enneagram, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Fresco based on neuro science researches
  • Certified Sophrologist for 10 years : trained to guide clients in a Mindful Practice. Spécialisation in BURN-OUT prevention.
  • Ayurveda Therapist :  trained to guide clients through a variety of Ayurvedic treatments in an effort to achieve optimal health. Such treatments may include dietary management, lifestyle advice and massage therapy
  • Bilingual French/English
  • Yoga practitioner (because Yoga is part of Ayurveda and has inspired part of Sophrology exercises)
  • Expatriate for 15 years working for many different kind of clients in individual and groups
  • Mum of 3 beautiful girls
My diplomas and certificates:
  • Coach – Cohésion International
  • Sophrologist – The Sophrology Academy + Specialization in Burn-out
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner – European Institute of Vedic Studies (3 years studies with Massages – Herbal medicine – Ayurvedic Lifestyle) + Specialization for Women and Pregnant Women
  • Master degree in Human Ressources
  • Master degree in training engineering
  • Certificate in non-violence communication
  • Certificate in Positive communication
For the Ayurveda body therapy
For Life coaching
For Sophrology
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