About me

Margot Espinasse

The Sun Touch

A personal and professional life path that has led me from Human Resources, Skills assessment, Life coaching, Sophrology and finally Ayurveda.

Today, Sophrology and Ayurveda are part of my daily life, as well as yoga and mantra which are an ally of ayurveda and …. my learning is continuing everyday….

The Sun Touch represents the SUN I would like to bring into your life : in your body and in your mind. The light, the warmth and the energy.

अर्क Arka in my logo means the sun, in the sense of “the flash” or “lighting/Luminosity”. It comes from the sanscrit root “to shine”, “brilliant”, “to praise”, “to honor, “to treat with respect” . This exactly represents the meaning in “THE SUN TOUCH”.

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My diplomas and certificates:

  • Life coach – Cohésion International
  • Sophrologist – The Sophrology Academy
  • Ayurvedic Practionner – European Institute of Vedic Studies (3 years studies with Massages – Herbal medicine – Ayurvedic Lifestyle)
  • Master degree in Human Ressources

For the Ayurveda body therapy
For Life coaching
For Sophrology
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