“Take care of your body that your saoul wants to stay there”

Strengthen your general state of balance

Ayurvedic massages (Atreya Abyanga method) respect the Indian tradition while integrating the western vision. Based on the 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), each massage is adapted to the client’s constitution and her/his current state or imbalance. Moreover, it uses the vital energy (Prana) to balance the dosha and the client constitution.

These holistic massages are really therapeutic : relieve tensions and pain – restore energy and digestion – make you aware of your body state. Personally when I experienced at the beginning it made me conscious of what to change in my everyday life to feel better. Knowing your ayurvedic constitution will allow you to work with it and not against it.

Each sessions include:

  1. An Ayurvedic diagnosis
  2. An adapted massage in order to restore the balance of the body
  3. Lifestyle advice: diet, physical activity, rhythm of life
The 1rst session will last 1,5 hour :      60 euros
The sessions after will last 1 hour:       50 euros

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Relaxation of physical and psychological tensions (Stress)

Pain Reduction

Eliminates Toxins

Strengthens the immune and digestive systems

Increased vitality

Reactivation of the body’s energy circulation

In no case will massages and health advice replace a doctor consultation

“Your body is a harp for your soul” Khalil Gibran

Atreya Abyanga : whole body – It’s a complete treatment of the whole body with ayurvedic oils – It rebalances the 3 doshas (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) et provides a deep soothing (physical and mental).

Care Treatment provided :

Dosan Mardana : Back & Neck – In addition to Abyangha, it releases locally the knots and tensions

Snehana/Svedhana : Oil & Heat – A comprehensive care with ayurvedic oil including local heat to release localized tensions

Mardana : Sports Women – fast and deep care adapted to sport women for muscle recovery

Udvartana/Udgarshana : Scrub – A smooth scrub (Udvartana) or more tonic and deep scrub (Udgarshana) done with gram flour and plants to eliminate toxins, reduce excess water in the body and weight balancing.

Neerabhyanga : Lymph – A lymphatic Ayurveda drainage of the legs

Abyangha Maternity : Pregnant Women – Complete care of the body, very smooth, to calm tensions, improve digestion, balance the whole body and prepare for childbirth (after 3 months of pregnancy)

Abyangha Post-Partum – Complete care just right for women after childbirth to help the body to recover.

Baby Massage : For Baby and Parents to learn how to massage their child from birth

Kesa Mardana : Head/Neck/Shoulders – To relax muscular and emotional tension

Pada Mardana : Feet – To release tensions and restore energetic in the body

These different massages can be combined and will always be adapted to your constitution and situation at the time of the appointment

Ayurveda will in no way replace medical consultations.

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