Nutrition and Lifestyle

Knowing wich food is good for you, when and how to eat, is crucial to be and stay in good health, full of Energy and with a good Immunity. Exercising the way just right for you every day is also essential.

In Ayurveda, each person is different, live in a different climate, has a particular job or activities…. A food good for someone could be detrimental for an other one. in the same way, the exercise good for your friend is not necessarily good for you.

I propose Ayurvedic consultations:

  • know your ayurvedic constitution
  • know your imbalance
  • propose nutritionnal plan
  • propose a Detox plan if needed
  • advice lifeStyle activities

Individual session : 30 BD (65 euros)

Ayurveda will in no way replace medical consultations.

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