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Are you the same at work and at home?

Have you ever wondered if you were the same person at home as “at work”? If I asked your family and friends your qualities and faults, would they say the same thing as your colleagues? In fact, hopefully, in many cases we are not the same person but sometimes we make a confusion! With the…

Observation of Thoughts

“Thought is an object for the mind (it can be observed)” Caraka-Samhitā (Founding Text of Ayurveda) That means : – like any object, we can observe our thoughts – Thoughts also covers feelings, sensations and emotions (according to Ayurveda) – we are not our thoughts, they just arise within us and are a part of…

Smooth Transit

I know that it is sometimes difficult to talk about the subject of intestinal transit, yet we are all concerned! Among all transit disorders, constipation is particularly troublesome, creating fatigue, nutrients absorption problems, headache… According to Ayurveda, it is a sign of internal dryness. It is therefore necessary to bring oily hydration to the body…

I am not able to follow certain pathologies and reserve the right to refuse an appointment for this reason