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The Power of BREATHING never ceases to amaze us !

For Meditation practitioner, Sophrologist and Yoga practitioner, it’s an evidence that BREATHING is powerful. It’s starting to be proven by science : https://neurosciencenews.com/memory-fear-breathing-5699/ Those who regularly practice breathing exercises know the power of it: on memorization (as quoted in the article), on the regulation of emotions (cf article too), on managing stress, on digestion, on…

Burn-out, not me !

Burn-out, this physical exhaustion which means that the person has burned all her/his reserves, can touch everybody ! If you think it’s totally not for you, I advise you to pay even more attention to it. You like to do many activities? You are a very energetic person with always many ideas and projects? You…

Le principe de REALITE OBJECTIVE selon la Sophrologie

Voir la Réalité ? Bien sûr que si j’ouvre les yeux je vois la réalité ! Ce principe de la Sophrologie parait très simple au premier abord et si nous y réfléchissions un peu. Voici quelques exemples, mais n’hésitez pas à réagir en commentaires si d’autres vous viennent à l’esprit. VOIR ou REGARDER En fait, la plupart…

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