The HR experience mixed with
the Therapist expertise
to support people in releasing their potential

I offer tailor-made interventions
to drive CHANGE and manage STRESS, based on Emotions, with a pinch of POSITIVITY

Français- English

Face to Face – Online

My job is to bring this REAL POSITIVE CHANGE in your life
and bring you a new perspective to your problems using:


FEEL , to become aware and provide the appropriate solution


TREAT the cause of the problem
to CURE or Prevent

Coaching and Management Tools

Think positively about SOLUTIONS and move step by step towards the goal

To find out more or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me

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Sophrology for athletes and musicians

Sophrology is widely used by top athletes and musicians to prepare mentally; also in hospitals to help patients; in companies to help employees manage stress, balance private and professional life, be more efficient and calm and better communicate. Tennis player Novak Djokovic practices SOPHROLOGY; He testifies: “I froze when I made a mistake. Now, IContinue reading “Sophrology for athletes and musicians”

Comment faire baisser le stress en tant que Manager ?

Comment faire baisser le stress en tant que Manager ? Travail complexe, techniques et méthodes qui évoluent rapidement, le manager se sent aussi de plus en plus garant de la santé et du bien-être des salariés, il doit faire face à la compétition et à la concurrence, maintenir le cap même dans les tempêtes… Tout celaContinue reading “Comment faire baisser le stress en tant que Manager ?”

I am not able to follow certain pathologies and reserve the right to refuse an appointment for this reason