What stresses you out in life?

or perhaps you are not aware of it…

To each a solution to deal with Stress

I offer tailor-made interventions
to drive CHANGE and manage STRESS, based on Emotions, with a pinch of POSITIVITY

Français- English

Face to Face – Online

My job is to bring this REAL POSITIVE CHANGE in your life
and bring you a new perspective to your problems using:


FEEL , to become aware and provide the appropriate solution


TREAT the cause of the problem
to CURE or Prevent

Coaching and Management Tools

Bring concrete SOLUTIONS to drive a Change and move step by step towards the goal

To find out more or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me

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Disturbing EMOTIONS

Who has never been bothered by an EMOTION: anger, irritation, nervousness, sadness, anxiety, fear… Or by a BEHAVIOR that we consider unpleasant: eating chocolate, not being able to put down your phone, procrastinating… Or even repetitive PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS that appear at specific times: weekly meeting that triggers a headache, client X causing me back pain…Continue reading “Disturbing EMOTIONS”

I am not able to follow certain pathologies and reserve the right to refuse an appointment for this reason