Because stress block all possibility to change and move positively forward, it is important for a company to offer solutions to Employees.
Stress is harmful to the health of employees and therefore impacts their efficiency, their creativity, the rate of absenteeism, the atmosphere in the company and the feeling of well-being at work, therefore often turnover and the image of the company itself; 
Which situation are we talking about?

In business, it can be a work overload, conflicts or tensions between people, misunderstanding between colleagues or with the hierarchy, objectives or expectations that seem too high, harassment, a noisy work environment, staggered schedules, failure, time and mode of travel, a public presentation, an evaluation or a tense meeting, important issues, a lack of recognition or benchmarks…etc.

Each employee also experiences stress in their daily environment: climate, food, pace of life, illness, accident, family environment, divorce, death, moving, etc.

The body and the mind need constantly to adapt and change to external situations.
If we resist and don’t know how to adapt, it creates negative STRESS.

There are multiple repercussions from stress

This table clearly shows the impact for the company and therefore the interest of an employer in supporting its employees in managing their level of stress.

This support can be done through:

Ayurveda Workshop

Sophrology Workshops

And can be set up for:



The +  for the company?

  • Increase the capacity of each employee to adapt to changes, to other employees and to clients
  • Preserve health, vitality, sleep
  • More efficiency, memory, calm
  • Improved listening and open-mindedness
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Reinforced positive communication
  • Increased happiness at work
  • Prevention of burnout and depression
  • Increase the “caring image” of the company

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