Why use Ghee in the kitchen?

Beurre clarifié - Ghee - un beurre utilisé dans la cuisine indienne

Ghee, extremely common in Indian cuisine and used in Ayurveda ( that’s how I discovered it ) is gradually appearing here. Since it can be kept at room temperature ( and not in the fridge ), I thought it could explain the spread of this butter transformation process (called “clarified butter”). But this is just one of its many advantages:

  • “Lactose and Casein free”, ghee is then more digestible than butter
  • Can be kept for a long time outside the fridge ( my pot is always next to the stove)
  • It does not burn, so does not have the disadvantages of burnt butter

From an Ayurvedic point of view:

  • It facilitates the movement of nutrients and wastes in the body due to its creamy quality. It therefore helps to get rid the body of toxins (Ama) and other body waste through the digestive tract. ( You will understand, for constipated people, ghee is an asset )
  • It also stimulates digestion by improving the absorption of nutrients
  • It strengthens the bones, the joints (due, among other things, to its contribution of vitamins A, D E, K)
  • It stimulates the immune and lymphatic system and by the same it contributes to nourish the Ojas of each one (Ojas is this vital and spiritual force in each of us)
  • It improves cognitive function (because it nourishes the nervous tissues and the brain)

More is not better! It is not because it has all these virtues that it is a reason to gorge on it! Especially since it will be better for the Vata and Pitta constitutions but should be avoided for Kapha. It’s not because they are already super smart and their digestion is impeccable, but just because Kapha people already have a sufficient “oily” proportion in the body and ghee weighs them down (physically and mentally)

Taste? You will also find that ghee does not taste like butter. For my part, I only use ghee in cooking: with vegetables, in pastries (I noticed that the quantity must be reduced compared to the quantity of butter indicated) or melted on a buckwheat pancake . I don’t really like the taste on a slice of bread, whereas the taste is very good in preparations.

Why not in the fridge? Because even if it retains certain properties, unfortunately, it loses others, such as stimulating digestion.

In Ayurveda , ghee is used ( for certain profiles and pathologies) to “guide” medicinal plants to the target site of the body.

How to get it? Depending on the country where you live, it will be in the butter aisle, in the oil aisle or will not be sold commercially. All you have to do is make it yourself 😉. I saw that there were plenty of tutorials on the internet, so there is no need for me to explain to you in this article.

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