If for you Relaxation = Anxiety, you’re not the only one

See this interesting article : https://psychcentral.com/anxiety/for-some-relaxation-triggers-anxiety?fbclid=IwAR1qugpjxDwsqP_NuxITfbSfD48jM7tyn6U-doLUzTadj6VK2ULh5C5jNYM Working with a Sophrologist will help to understand what is at stake for you and working step by step will contribute to find your own way 🙂

A calm body in an alert mind, very Present

“When you make the present, not the past or the future, the focus of your life, your ability to enjoy what you do increases dramatically, as does the quality of your life. » Eckhart Tolle Our true nature is not to be anxious, stressed, nervous, angry… but to live and welcome things with calm andContinue reading “A calm body in an alert mind, very Present”

Disturbing EMOTIONS

Who has never been bothered by an EMOTION: anger, irritation, nervousness, sadness, anxiety, fear… Or by a BEHAVIOR that we consider unpleasant: eating chocolate, not being able to put down your phone, procrastinating… Or even repetitive PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS that appear at specific times: weekly meeting that triggers a headache, client X causing me back pain…Continue reading “Disturbing EMOTIONS”

Where does Sophrology come from?

The inspirations of Sophrology are multiple and its founder, Alfonso Caycedo (a neuropsychiatrist) drew on techniques that already existed in the 1960s. As for the Western techniques that inspired Sophrology, we find hypnosis as well as relaxation and positive suggestion techniques, like the CouĂ© method. Alfonso Cayceo also enriched himself during his travels in theContinue reading “Where does Sophrology come from?”

Testimony of Michael Phelps

“Throughout my career, I had a team of people around me that were paying attention to my physical health. If I needed to get stronger, there were 10 people finding out ways for me to get stronger. But mentally that wasn’t the case,” Phelps Michael “I think for a long time I looked at myselfContinue reading “Testimony of Michael Phelps”

Sophrology for athletes and musicians

Sophrology is widely used by top athletes and musicians to prepare mentally; also in hospitals to help patients; in companies to help employees manage stress, balance private and professional life, be more efficient and calm and better communicate. Tennis player Novak Djokovic practices SOPHROLOGY; He testifies: “I froze when I made a mistake. Now, IContinue reading “Sophrology for athletes and musicians”

Comment faire baisser le stress en tant que Manager ?

Comment faire baisser le stress en tant que Manager ? Travail complexe, techniques et mĂ©thodes qui Ă©voluent rapidement, le manager se sent aussi de plus en plus garant de la santĂ© et du bien-ĂȘtre des salariĂ©s, il doit faire face Ă  la compĂ©tition et Ă  la concurrence, maintenir le cap mĂȘme dans les tempĂȘtes
 Tout celaContinue reading “Comment faire baisser le stress en tant que Manager ?”