Gluten and Lactose Free ! The Ayurveda point of view

More and more people are intolerant to Gluten or Lactose (intolerance that we hear the most about today). The point of view of Ayurveda is interesting on this subject: According to Ayurveda, any intolerance of the body to a food is a sign of poor digestion, that is to say of a bad digestive fireContinue reading “Gluten and Lactose Free ! The Ayurveda point of view”

et MOI ?!

Même si cet extrait me fait toujours rire ( il décrit une réalité souvent vécue : on arrive un jour à saturation de dévouement aux autres, à sa famille, de s’être mis au second plan (voir troisième ou plus !) ou carrément de s’oublier pendant 30 ans. On se dévoue aux enfants, au conjoint, aux collègues etContinue reading “et MOI ?!”

SLEEP – Neurosciences & Ayurveda & Sophrology

In this interview , the neuroscientist Steven Laureys confirms that Sleep is essential to be more lucid, smarter, consolidate learning and take better decisions. According to Ayurveda, sleep, along with food are the cornerstone of good health. How many hours per night? He talks about 8 hours a night. Indeed, the Ayurvedic texts providing clarification:Continue reading “SLEEP – Neurosciences & Ayurveda & Sophrology”

Managers : Emotions and Gratitude

This article in the Harvard Business Review “Practice Empathy as a Team” * clearly shows that appreciation, recognition is a very powerful tool in business. But, definitely, knowing it is not enough. The question is : How do you show your appreciation to your team? I would say it really depends on what’s IMPORTANT toContinue reading “Managers : Emotions and Gratitude”

Predispositin to Burn-out & Enneagram

I wonder if some Enneagram profiles are more likely to burnout than others. These are only my personal thoughts and I hope they will be subject to debate to enrich the reflection😊 Obviously, I think Type 1 , the “Perfectionist” has serious burnout risks. Constantly trying to do more to make it perfect, being veryContinue reading “Predispositin to Burn-out & Enneagram”

Menopause, Ayurveda & Sophrology

Ayurveda puts a different light on the causes of problems occurring during premenopause and menopause. This different lighting makes it possible to find another way to attenuate or make the disturbing symptoms disappear, thanks to Ayurveda itself and also thanks to Sophrology which are totally complementary. Menopause? No, I’m not old or sick! Even ifContinue reading “Menopause, Ayurveda & Sophrology”

Women and Clock

As a woman I can speak from experience: we are always subject to time. 1 – The one linked to our biological clock which punctuates our whole life. Between puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, women continue to experience transformations throughout their lives and you never really know what awaits us! What is certain is thatContinue reading “Women and Clock”

Are you the same at work and at home?

Have you ever wondered if you were the same person at home as “at work”? If I asked your family and friends your qualities and faults, would they say the same thing as your colleagues? In fact, hopefully, in many cases we are not the same person but sometimes we make a confusion! With theContinue reading “Are you the same at work and at home?”

Observation of Thoughts

“Thought is an object for the mind (it can be observed)” Caraka-Samhitā (Founding Text of Ayurveda) That means : – like any object, we can observe our thoughts – Thoughts also covers feelings, sensations and emotions (according to Ayurveda) – we are not our thoughts, they just arise within us and are a part ofContinue reading “Observation of Thoughts”

Smooth Transit

I know that it is sometimes difficult to talk about the subject of intestinal transit, yet we are all concerned! Among all transit disorders, constipation is particularly troublesome, creating fatigue, nutrients absorption problems, headache… According to Ayurveda, it is a sign of internal dryness. It is therefore necessary to bring oily hydration to the bodyContinue reading “Smooth Transit”