Sophrology for athletes and musicians

Sophrology is widely used by top athletes and musicians to prepare mentally; also in hospitals to help patients; in companies to help employees manage stress, balance private and professional life, be more efficient and calm and better communicate.


Tennis player Novak Djokovic practices SOPHROLOGY; He testifies: “I froze when I made a mistake. Now, I always have these flashes of doubt but I know how to manage them. I recognize my negative thoughts and I let them go, to concentrate on the present moment. This full presence helps me deal with the pain and my emotions. It allows me to focus on what is really important.”

“I had visualized that I could play that way… Visualize myself as a winner, try to stay in a positive frame of mind. I’m a big believer in visualization.”

“Breathing exercises are much more helpful than people think.

Proper breathing rhythm is essential to understanding and improving our own mental, physical and emotional state.

I do it when I need serenity or when I wake up, to have a more dynamic energy. Meditation is not a religious thing, rather it is something personal that I do to stay healthy, especially given the sensory and information overload we are experiencing in the contemporary world.

I’ve been doing it for a decade, and it’s been helpful both on and off the pitch.”

“If you control your breathing, you control your life. Because to live simply means to breathe. It’s so simple to understand but so complicated to become aware of it”.

Novak Djokovic

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