Like increases like

This simple Ayurvedic principle is in fact very powerful to understand the effect of food and environnement on our body and mind.
Let’s take examples :
– Your body tends to be dry, you have a dry skin, perhaps you are constipated, your hair and nails are dry and brittle. If you eat dry food like chips or lettuce without oil, you are increasing your dryness in your body and you’ll feel less rooted and will have a more scattered mind.
– You have a tendency to feel hot. If you walk under the sun for a long period, eat hot, acid or fermented food (like hot spices, tomatoes, pepper, cheese, coffee, alcohol…) the heat will increase in your body and in your mind ! It means you will feel more angry, agressive or exasperated, perhaps you’ll have looser stools, perhaps eruptions or inflammations.
– Imagine that you already feel in a dark mood, you don’t want to move and just want to stay on the couch and eat sweet things or junk food. This kind of food is considered has “heavy” and it will just increase your feeling of heaviness in the body and the “leave me alone and don’t want to move” mood…

If “Like increases like”, the good point is that you have to think OPPOSITES. With food, environnement, activities you can balance your body and your mind :
To dry ? think oily, nourishing food, and calming activities (for body and mind)
To heavy and dark ? think light and movement

One we have understood the logic, we can pay attention to our body, to our feelings and emotions and choose the right food, activities and environment to balance.

Just food for think , on the same principle : Positive increases Positive – Love increases Love – Kindness increases kindness…etc

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