Pregnant women and Baby

A pregnant woman is a treasure to protect, nourish and guide to have a healthy baby and become a great mother.


  • Massage adapted to pregnant woman  (from 3 months pregnancy)
  • I can show the partner how to make adapted massage to the pregnant woman
  • After birth, I will show the mother and the father how to massage their baby

Care treatment provided

I have a special diploma allowing me to take more particular care of pregnant women and babies
  • Abyangha Maternity: Pregnant Women – Complete care of the body, very smooth, to calm tensions, improve digestion, balance the whole body and prepare for childbirth (after 3 months of pregnancy)
  • Abyangha Post-Partum: Complete care just right for women after childbirth to help the body to recover.
  • Baby Massage: For Baby and Parents to learn how to massage their child from birth

 These different massages can be combined and will always be adapted to your constitution and situation at the time of the appointment.

In no case will massages and health advice replace a doctor consultation.

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