For Individuals

Quality of life is influenced by your individual’s physical and mental health, depending on many different factors. What do you want to change? to improve?

To each person a particular solution. My job is to guide you to find the right way to improve your quality of life and ENJOY it!  I use what you say during our first interview as occasion of progression and transform your MOTIVATION. 

These are some possiblities of work:

Concretely, depending of your situation, I will propose:

  • Simple Sophrology*/Mediation exercises to appropriate for everyday life
  • Some Ayurveda** notions to better know your constitution, learn what stresses you (mind and body) and adapt your everyday life activities, your FOOD
  • Coaching tools to understand brain mechanisms and allow yourself to unblock situations


A Mindful practical Technic with Positive Intention

BREATHING – POSITIVE VISUALISATIONS – DYNAMIC Relaxation (smooth yoga) all linked with an INTENTION

Sophrology was created in 1960 by a neuropsychiatrist, Alfonso Caycedo (Franco-Spanish). He spent many years traveling the world, exploring eastern and western methods, from different kind of yoga and meditation to mindfulness, visualization and relaxation techniques and then he developed the method which is known today as Sophrology which means “the science of CONSCIOUSNESS in HARMONY”.

Course of a group or individual session:

  1. Tour de table of the feelings of each participant
  2. Guided sophrology exercises adapted to the request or the intention (It could be sitting or standing up)
  3. Exchange of experience of the session
  4. Advice and recommendations for exercises to do independently


The traditional Indian Medicine

This Indian “science of life” is considering each of us as a whole (body and mind) and is seeking the balance of the vital forces.

What disturbs the mind disturbs the body and vice versa.

It can therefore be the person’s environment (climate, interaction with others, work, family), food, thoughts, physical activity practiced, etc: anything that can be a stressor for a person. It means that Ayurveda is about prevention to illness, treating the body unbalances and also balancing the mind (psychology). Diagnosing, observing and experiencing is key in Ayurveda because each of us is different.

Knowing some principles of Ayurveda allows you to understand your own functioning (body, mind) from a new perspective and then allows you to make the right choices in terms of nutrition, lifestyle, physical exercise to strengthen your body and your mind for a better resistance to maintain a good health 😊 

It’s all about BALANCE

In no way Sophrology or Ayurveda will replace a medical consultation.

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