Ayurveda, “The knowledge of longevity”,

is the traditional Indian medicine. Even if this medicine dates from Antiquity, it’s still today an alive science.

It is based on

  • the principal of CAUSE to EFFECT. Finding the cause of symptoms allow to eliminate or reduce them.
  • the fact that each of us is born with a particular constitution for life (Prakriti), and we have to do with it.
  • the environment, the state of mind, the climate, the activities, the way we are eating, what we are eating, the quantity eaten; They are all equally important.
  • The 5 elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) are the base of everything : that means in particular, in each of us in different quantties (Doshas) and in everything we eat.
  • Everything is constantly in movement so you always have the possibility to change (even it will ask efforts)

Package with 2 consultations + 1 massage: 80 BD (170 euros)

Ayurveda will in no way replace medical consultations.

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