Menopause, Ayurveda & Sophrology

Ayurveda puts a different light on the causes of problems occurring during premenopause and menopause. This different lighting makes it possible to find another way to attenuate or make the disturbing symptoms disappear, thanks to Ayurveda itself and also thanks to Sophrology which are totally complementary.

Menopause? No, I’m not old or sick!

Even if I feel a positive movement currently in our society, it must be recognized that this period is often traumatic for a woman and when unpleasant symptoms appear, it is to the doctor that we turn, like when we are sick.

For Ayurveda, premenopause leading to menopause is not a disease, a pathology. This is a period of life (woman as well as man) during which the Dosha Vata will gradually take the ascendancy over the Dosha Pitta (which is dominant between the ages of 16 and 60 approximately). It is therefore just a natural process that is also experienced in adolescence when Pitta gradually replaces Kapha (dominant from 0 to 16 years old). Therefore, all the symptoms experienced, including hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, weight gain, sleep disturbances, depression or mood swings, are due, from an Ayurvedic point of view, to what Vata ( principle of movement, wind ) causes Pitta ( principle of combustion, fire ) to undergo. So, it’s just a modification of the metabolism, a change such as there is constantly in Nature.

This then explains why Ayurveda recommends making changes at different levels:

  • Rhythm and Hygiene of life
  • Feed
  • Psychological

The BODY must be assisted during this period and the MIND pampered .

For this purpose, Ayurveda and Sophrology are really complementary:

  • Review the diet to better adapt it to the new needs of the body, to restore good digestion and eliminate toxins
  • Practice hot oil massages
  • Calm the mind; become aware of the body and the feelings; focus on the inner vision; redefining one’s values and reassessing one’s life at all levels; redefine yourself as a woman; open up to aspects of ourselves that we weren’t aware of before.
  • Do appropriate physical exercise
  • Use regenerating medicinal plants to strengthen deep tissues

The good side of Menopause?

For Ayurveda, the predominance of Dosa Vata will promote creativity, intuition, insight, promoting communication and relationships.

On the other hand, if Vata is not balanced and get increased over the balanced state by the woman’s environment ( stress, travel, intense sport, social networks, television, noisy place full of movements such as cities, uncertainty or insecurity ) it will lead to depression, anxiety, fear or arthritis, osteoporosis and degenerative diseases.

Sophrology can play a major role in helping to calm the mind, control negative thoughts, refocus on oneself, feel one’s needs to know how to find the right balance and one’s new harmony of life.

The Menopause is therefore a period during which the woman is invited to confront herself, to question herself and to redefine herself.

What a rich period finally, right?

Does this question you? You can turn to Ayurveda, Sophrology or many other alternative medicines to guide you. You can also share your experience with other women which lead to complicity and comfort.

Solutions exist to serenely live this period of transition and lead to a new chapter of your life 🙂

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