Predispositin to Burn-out & Enneagram

I wonder if some Enneagram profiles are more likely to burnout than others.

These are only my personal thoughts and I hope they will be subject to debate to enrich the reflection😊

Obviously, I think Type 1 , the “Perfectionist” has serious burnout risks. Constantly trying to do more to make it perfect, being very hardworking and ambitious can inevitably lead to exhaustion because the limit of the perfect thing gets further away as one progresses. It’s endless! Moreover, this profile does not express his/her emotions, but everything that is not expressed, makes a print in the body, until the day when it is too much.

Type 2 the Altruist” can also become exhausted by wanting to please others and not knowing how to say No. Moreover, their own needs and feelings are not important. So, this type of person can go as far as burnout and then resent the whole world (which hadn’t asked for anything !). In this particular profil, I think burnout could lead to depression: “no one loves me even though I struggles to help everyone”

Type 3 , known as “Commercial” like to succeed and show it. With a fast tempo in life this types rushes towards their goal, burn everything in their path… so inevitably there is a moment when they may have burned all their own resources! What can save this type is that they generally have a very positive view of life, but they find it difficult to question themselves. So, if they fall, they will be stubborn and tell themselves that it’s nothing until the day when they really won’t be able to move anymore!

I imagine less of a type 4 called “the Artist” doing a burn-out. These are people in contact with their feelings and emotions who alternate moments of euphoria and moments of despair but who do not “ burn” their resources. They listen to themselves and live at their own pace.

Types 5 , known as the “Observer“, are compulsive about learning and understanding things. Being in their inner world, in their head but also following their own rhythm. Admittedly, they greedily swallows all the knowledge within their reach and their head tries to unravel the mystery of everything, but I don’t think they would run to burn out. They have certainly already understood how burnout works and knows how to protect themselves from it!

Can type 6 , “the Loyal“, go as far as Burn-out? Perhaps if they are in a work environment that forces them to do more and they will not know how to set limits out of loyalty, fidelity and a sense of professional duty. On the other hand, this type of personality likes clear situations and generally knows how to anticipate the worst possible scenarios to better protect themselves. Which, no doubt, will save them from going as far as Burn-out.

Type 7 , “the Epicurean” like to enjoy everything greedily with a fast tempo and leaves no room for emptiness. They have to fill the time with activities, discoveries, meetings, novelties, dinners… everything, everything and everything ! They have to run away from boredom and suffering and run towards future satisfaction. Their related optimism and cheerfulness may doubtless hide a nearby burnout but as long as they are not immobilized and unable to move, they will probably continue to fully enjoy even their burnout state?

The type 8, “The Boss” have an incredible strength but they are also very strong to go to the end of their limits. They rushe straight ahead, live excessively and know no rest. It seems clear, the burn-out reaches out to them, but don’t tell them that it’s a state of weakness!

Type 9, “the Mediator” generally go at their own pace and would have a tendency to procrastinate. Would that save them from burnout? As they tend to replace their desires with those of others , maybe working with another person could go as far as burning all their resources but I doubt it: Have you ever seen a bear in Burn-out?

Of course, the Enneagram is a complex tool and we can’t put people in boxes, but did you recognize certain types and tendencies?

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