Women and Clock

As a woman I can speak from experience: we are always subject to time.

1 – The one linked to our biological clock which punctuates our whole life.
Between puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, women continue to experience transformations throughout their lives and you never really know what awaits us! What is certain is that these changes must be smooth, continuous or fluid, without pain (I'm not talking about childbirth) or problems. Only, our clock goes wrong for nothing and we are not taught to take care of it.
The climate, stress, negative emotions, pollution, food, medicines, all of this disturbs our fragile balance and creates misery for us: premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, menorrhagia, leucorrhea, cysts/fibroids, endometriosis, disorders during peri-menopause or menopause, headaches of hormonal origin… and so on.
The worst is that our society wants us to believe that our suffering is “normal” or non-existent or that there is no solution to reduce it. STOP ! A woman should not suffer during her menstruation, nor is it automatic to have hot flashes, the cysts are undoubtedly the manifestation of a disorder. If there is one thing that I have learned and experienced myself with Ayurveda and Sophrology, it is that you have to stop suffering, enduring without saying anything. So please, ask for help to find the right solutions for yourself of for the women close to you.

2 – The time of the children which gives rhythm to our life.
Before even thinking about having children, it is common for those around us to constantly remind us of our biological clock “So, when are you having a child? don't wait too long". From the moment you become pregnant, you start thinking constantly about the time: “How many weeks away from amenorrhea are you? (that's it, the countdown has started). When baby arrives, it is then “what time did he/she breastfeed? ". Then when he grows up, we monitor school time, bath time, bedtime, activity time, etc. We haven't finished monitoring the time he/she's supposed to come back home (damn, he/she's late, do I have to worry?). And then, comes the time when the children leave the house and it is then a whole questioning for a mother, the reorganization of her schedule, of her life.

3- Family/Work time
We must admit that we tend to follow the rhythm of our partner or the family, even if it means forgetting ourselves sometimes, or even convincing ourselves that it suits us very well. For me, family is at the top of my priority list in life (I'm not saying that's the case for all women, of course). This can lead us to change our perception of a career or our hobbies by devoting less time to what would serve us personally to support the partner. 

Reclaiming your own time is essential to love yourself, not to suffer and to love others (because we will not blame them for stealing our time).

Women, you are fantastic, you deserve to be happy, in good health and stop suffering.

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