Observation of Thoughts

"Thought is an object for the mind (it can be observed)" Caraka-Samhitā (Founding Text of Ayurveda)

That means :
- like any object, we can observe our thoughts
- Thoughts also covers feelings, sensations and emotions (according to Ayurveda)
- we are not our thoughts, they just arise within us and are a part of who we are.

"The correct use of the mind creates mental stability" means:
- we have a choice of how we use our mind
- if we have used our mind incorrectly (creating psychological disturbances), we always have the ability to change that.

Sophrology is very complementary to Ayurveda because it teaches this observation of thoughts, emotions and sensations that we do not learn to do in our Western countries. Unfortunately, we often tend to identify with our thoughts and let ourselves be guided, defined and even "polluted".
It is therefore an exercise, a training, to place oneself in the position of observer. This observation can then guide us towards the right choices for ourselves.

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