Smooth Transit

I know that it is sometimes difficult to talk about the subject of intestinal transit, yet we are all concerned!
Among all transit disorders, constipation is particularly troublesome, creating fatigue, nutrients absorption problems, headache...
According to Ayurveda, it is a sign of internal dryness. It is therefore necessary to bring oily hydration to the body which will be beneficial among other things to the colon but also to the other organs (in particular the skin) which are certainly also dried out.

Ayurvedic Remedy: If diet and lifestyle changes are not enough, then you can try this:
Mix a tablespoon of oil (olive, sesame or other according to your taste) in 240 ml (one cup) of hot water and drink in the evening at bedtime. In the morning (before breakfast), repeat the same thing. Normally it is quite quickly effective. Otherwise, continue to drink it morning and evening until the transit is normal each morning. You can then only take it in the evening.

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