Objective REALITY

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An essential principle of Sophrology leading to more POSITIVITY, more JOY and inner PEACE.

When we generalize, like “my cake is bad, normal, I suck in the kitchen”, we are not objective and the reflection deserves to be deepened to consider all the reality. If you were a kid and were cooking for the first time, you wouldn't think so.
When we are sad or depressed, we are not objective and it is not the reality that “everything is ugly, without interest”.
When we think that a person is necessarily right because of her/his position or her/his past, we are not objective and it would be necessary to review the situation as a whole, from a realistic point of view.
When we anticipate the failure or the reaction of a person, we are not objective, there can be different realities.
When you spend a winter Sunday afternoon on your sofa, snuggling up in the warmth, what is the reality of this situation?
I am sure that you can find other examples 🙂

Seeing reality objectively, like a child with fresh eyes, is really difficult. This is a training offered by Sophrology.

But what interest?
• That of putting things into perspective: taking a step back to really see the situation objectively.
• That of putting things in their proper place: no generalities, no hasty conclusions, no anticipation. Just see, feel and see what is there now, as if you were discovering for the 1rst time.
• That of not dramatizing what is happening to me and of not entering into a negative spiral: seeing the problem, the pain in the face and also seeing everything around.
• That of realizing EVERYTHING we have, EVERYTHING that is going well, seeing reality as a whole.

This posture allows to have clearer ideas, then we can make reasoned, realistic, measured and much more POSITIVE decisions.
Seeing reality objectively often makes you feel much better.

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