The 3 Principles in Sophrology

I suggest you take a few moments to read this sentence:

Julia is a woman,

Julia is a

a very nice woman

Perhaps you read “Julia is a woman, Julia is a very nice woman” (you did not read 2 times the “a”) : this is a typical mechanism of our brain ! Make shortcut, going straight to the result … Most of the time it save us time and energy but sometimes it can makes us think wrong about a situation : judge to quickly, anticipate wrong, not listening deeply…etc .

This Sophrology principle is about learning to see things “like a child” or as if we see them for the first time and sometimes deprogramming our brain and really see the reality.

It's about focusing on positive, make room for positive and develop it. We often have a tendency to focus more on negative things, to give them more importance than positive things. Learning to our brain to bring more attention to positive change life !

It's about paying attention to your feelings, develop your your 5 senses,live fully in your body the way it is (and not the way you think it is). 

COME and PRACTICE Sophrology with me !

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