A new year, change your habits !

Resolution 2023: take charge of your health with Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a curative AND preventive medicine. It allows to:
- reduce or eliminate the symptoms of chronic diseases*
- prevent diseases
- reduce chronic pain
- return to your ideal weight
- regain energy, sleep better
Ayurveda is a medicine in which everyone is an actor in her/his own health, guided by a practitioner. How ?

- By becoming aware of the functioning of your body: the state of your digestion, the state of your skin, noting your way of sweating.
- understand how the balance of the body is disturbed: is it the climate, the people around, the food, the activities or the state of mind (psychology)?
- then understand how everyone can gradually restore the balance either by eliminating certain disturbers, or by adding certain elements.
- It is then a question of EXPERIMENTING by changing elements one by one. If I suspect a food is bothering me, I stop it for a while, then take some more and observe. If I realize that the ambient noise bothers me, I seek either to protect myself from it or to balance it with calm and peacefulness. If I feel sluggish it's either due to something draining my energy (making me heavy) or perhaps my body isn't getting enough of it. And so on… Ayurveda is logical and it is about observing, experimenting.
When an imbalanced situation last then the disease develops.

During the consultations, I guide you towards this understanding of your constitution, try to understand with you what creates this imbalance in your life and direct you towards what will allow you to regain balance, therefore HEALTH.
* I do not take clients suffering or having suffered from cancer

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