4 Abilities we all have that are used in Sophrology:

The Creativity Post | Gifted High-Ability Learners
-        The ability to regulate our Breathing, unlike other functions such as the heart rate, managed autonomously by our nervous system, breathing is the only neurovegetative function on which we can act directly and more or less precisely. In addition, a slow and regular breathing rate has the effect of resting the entire neurovegetative system, including the heart rate which will decrease.
-        The ability to reduce the tension of our muscles: muscle relaxation, like breathing, can be controlled directly. This relaxation has the effect of reducing the body's need for oxygen, and therefore facilitating the regulation of our breathing. And surprisingly it reduces the mind tension and calm it down.
-        The capacity for sensory perception: an essential element for putting the first previous two into action, this capacity for perception is undermined by stress and the various “aggressions” of everyday life. It is therefore important to redevelop it. Moreover, it makes life really more enjoyable and beautiful!
-        The ability to slow down the flow of our thought: fixing our attention, mobilizing our cerebral activity solely on breathing, or on a sound or an image, controlling our muscular tensions or our sensory perceptions, contributes to calming the mind, to reducing the flow of thoughts. We learn to discipline our thoughts by consciously stopping some of them and orienting our thoughts in a chosen direction.

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