A calm body in an alert mind, very Present

“When you make the present, not the past or the future, the focus of your life, your ability to enjoy what you do increases dramatically, as does the quality of your life. » Eckhart Tolle
Our true nature is not to be anxious, stressed, nervous, angry... but to live and welcome things with calm and a clear mind.
The regular practice of Sophrology helps you to be aware of what is present, to be in tune with yourself, to feel in harmony with the world, with calm and serenity.
In other words, it allows you to considerably reduce the agitation of your mind, to relax your body and to reconnect with your true nature in a realistic and constructive way.
The practice of Sophrology leads to be really aware of your state of mind and of the tensions and pain in your body (before they become to strong and difficult to reduce). When you are more aware, you make better decisions for yourself at every moment in the present. And because in Sophrology, there is an INTENTION, it makes you grow and progress in the direction you choose. 

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