Disturbing EMOTIONS

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Who has never been bothered by an EMOTION: anger, irritation, nervousness, sadness, anxiety, fear... Or by a BEHAVIOR that we consider unpleasant: eating chocolate, not being able to put down your phone, procrastinating... Or even repetitive PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS that appear at specific times: weekly meeting that triggers a headache, client X causing me back pain...
How to deal with unpleasant emotions. | by Rahul Upadhyay | Medium
All these manifestations are anchored IN THE BODY and it is there that it is necessary to act to disconnect them, to defuse them.
When we understand how the BODY and the MIND work, it gives us the possibility to get rid of these annoying emotions (once we have become aware of them), to regulate unsuitable behaviors and to reduce (or make disappear!) the pain and tension linked to an emotion (itself linked to a situation).
With few sessions with me, you'll learn the process 🙂

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