Burn-out, not me !

Burn-out, this physical exhaustion which means that the person has burned all her/his reserves, can touch everybody !

If you think it’s totally not for you, I advise you to pay even more attention to it. You like to do many activities? You are a very energetic person with always many ideas and projects? You want to have success in Life? Earn money and always go forward? You want to be a excellent employee, a good mum, a nice person with everybody taking care of others…etc – Warning !!!

Before burn-out, that means the moment you won’t be able to move anymore ; even if your brain tells you that you have so much to do ; there is a phase called HYPERSTRESS. In this phase you may experience palpitations, digestive problems, exacerbated irritability or anger, concentration issues, or may want to consume more alcohol, tobacco or sweets or fat. Before FALLING in Burn-out, you have to take action. It should be great for you because you love action 🙂

Which actions ? Calm moments – Restful pauses -Sleep – Soprolology – Time with yourself and for yourself – Listen to your needs.

You don’t know how to change things? To manage? It’s my job to guide you, at your own pace and online (that means you have no excuse to put 1/2 hour or 1 hour per week to make a life-saving change in your life.)

When your are already in Burn-out, it may definitely take more time to recover and find again your full ENERGY. But, solutions exists, contact me 🙂

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