SLEEP – Neurosciences & Ayurveda & Sophrology

In this interview , the neuroscientist Steven Laureys confirms that Sleep is essential to be more lucid, smarter, consolidate learning and take better decisions.

According to Ayurveda, sleep, along with food are the cornerstone of good health. How many hours per night? He talks about 8 hours a night. Indeed, the Ayurvedic texts providing clarification: it would be around 10 hours for Vata profiles, 8 hours for Pitta profiles, and 6 hours/night for Kapha profiles. But what is most important is regularity and routine: 2 essential elements according to Ayurvedic principles too (called Dinacharya). That means, having almost the same amount of sleep each night (week days and weekend) and going to bed at the same hour each evening. Moreover, Ayurveda precises that a better sleep will start during Kapha hours (before 10pm but it can vary depending where you live and the season).

Often I tell you to stop coffee because it's a kind of drug and it disturbs your digestion, your natural cycles, including your sleep. A good sign of a lack of sleep, explains Steven Laureys, is that you have to put a alarm clock, have difficulties to wake-up, would love to have a nap during a meeting. From an Ayurveda point of view it's the same but it could also be due to a wrong choice of food. (food and sleep are closely linked). For this neuroscientist, it's now proven that anything that disrupts good sleep leads to loss of cognitive flexibility. 
Finally, this neuroscientist advice to have a routine to favor a good sleep and definitely Sophrology is part of it!

    The neurosciences are confirming are just confirming that Sleeping is not a waste of time!

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