Where does Sophrology come from?

The inspirations of Sophrology are multiple and its founder, Alfonso Caycedo (a neuropsychiatrist) drew on techniques that already existed in the 1960s. As for the Western techniques that inspired Sophrology, we find hypnosis as well as relaxation and positive suggestion techniques, like the Coué method. Alfonso Cayceo also enriched himself during his travels in the East with oriental methods such as meditation, yoga and Zen. He made this technique a real crossroads between East and West.

From all these inspirations, its founder created a unique method and codified a set of exercises in a very clear and precise way. He defined dynamic relaxation exercises which are gentle movements associated with breathing and developed sophronizations which are visualizations guided by the voice of the sophrologist.

Today, all sophrologists have the same toolbox that they make available to their clients to meet their different needs.

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