Do you wake up feeling morose?

Does it happens to you, some mornings, to get up from morose, sad, listless or as carrying a weight?

I mean those where seemingly nothing dramatic has occurred in your life. Nothing has changed, but especially without knowing why, you do not feel comfortable …

In this case, you have to react! Give yourself 48 hours maximum.
This is of 48 hours and not “2 days” because every hour counts: day and night this condition affects you.
Beyond this period, this gloomy state sets in, takes over. You are going to get used and end up thinking “I’m like this, I cannot help it.”
Do not say “it will pass.” This feeling is an internal alert. Very useful indeed to realize that something is bothering you.
This is what I propose:

1 / Do not let it go! This feeling is telling you something, do not ignore it!
2 / Refocus on yourself, listen to yourself, listen to what you feel at that very moment.
3 / Ask yourself:
– Did something disturb me recently? in previous days (the day before, usually)
– Someone has done or said something that shocked me? Pissed off? Disrupted? But at the time I missed …
– Do I feel a particular tension in my body? And if I had an idea where it comes from, I’d say …
– Have I left out a project or an idea that is important to me?
– Is it by chance I would repeal the execution of a task that bothers me?Do not judge, do not censor yourself. Let out ideas and feelings freely, right there, listening.
Let your body and mind interact to bring you the answer that will free you from this unpleasant condition and show you how to get out.
You have the solution, listen.

With a little practice, it will come increasingly easy to listen, feel and then make the right decisions for yourself.

You will find energy, joy and peace.
Feel allege, invigorated and alert….

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