Stress Management for Managers

To avoid burn-out and all the consequences
To better face all the changes
When you become Manager, new perspectives open up, the energy is at its maximum! The idea of ​​defining the direction, making things happen and inspiring the team, the responsibilities, the supervision of employees, the prospects for development, the salary, the increased participation in the decisions of the company… that’s fantastic ! However, these same growing elements can also become stressors and detrimental over time. 

Of course, you can go for a drink with colleagues after work, or go jogging or go kart racing and at the moment that clears the head and relax. These activities are great, but they are not the ones that will allow you to withstand the pressure and the stress in the long term. 

This workshop will offer you simple techniques to curb your stress and hold your job over time, while continuing to enjoy all your activities !

Workshop Content

  • Sophrology exercises to refocus and distress
  • Moments of reflection and exchanges to think positively to the future ahead


  • 1 hour sessions – From 5 to 10 sessions
  • Delivery of materials
  • Alternating of theoretical content, exchange of experiences and practical exercises


  • Very concrete workshop in which everybody participate and leaves with practical tools for every day at work.
  • Interaction between managers and creation of a special bond
  • New dynamic for the company

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