Ayurveda workshop

Even if the word Stress was not used when Ayurveda was founded around 5000 years ago, it is nevertheless what this Indian “SCIENCE of LIFE” deals with by considering each of us as a whole (body and mind) and by seeking the balance of the vital forces.

What if your figure and your personality said a lot about your state of health and the diseases you could develop?
Understanding the Ayurvedic constitution of a person makes it possible to better personalize the advice of hygiene of life, the FOOD to be ban or choose, the massages or the plants to be privileged to rebalance it.



What disturbs the mind disturbs the body and vice versa.

It can therefore be the person’s environment (atmosphere, climate, interaction with others, work, family), food, thoughts, physical activity practiced, etc: anything that can be a stressor for a person. But, what stresses one person is not necessarily what will bother another. Ayurveda teaches that each person has a different birth constitution, therefore different reactions. Knowing some principles of Ayurveda allows you to understand your own functioning (body, mind) from a new perspective and then allows you to make the right choices in terms of nutrition, lifestyle, physical exercise to strengthen your body and your mind for a better resistance to Stress.


  • 3 times 1 hour workshop
  • 5 to 20 participants
  • Distribution of media
  • Practical advice to adapt ayurveda in the everyday life:
    • Discover your Ayurvedic constitution (Prakriti)
    • Understand your unbalance (Vikriti)
    • Choose the right food for you
    • Set up your own lifestyle (Dynacharya, Activities)


  • Employees in better health, more operational and more responsive
  • Prevention of sick leave
  • Creation of a group dynamic

Ayurveda will in no way replace medical consultations

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