The Human Factor Fresk

Even when we are absolutely convinced
we have to CHANGE,
it’s sometimes difficult to know

how to proceed concretely
and how to involve the others.

The transformation tool

“The HUMAN FACTOR is the human contribution to an event”

The HUMAN FACTOR FRESK, based on cognitive science researches, is a tool to diagnose our capacity to change. It helps to share the different perceptions and experiences around the table. Creating a commune representation, it allows to better understand what are the factors at stake and the ones on which we can act to multiplies our power of action.

To collectively increase our ability to act,
based on a challenge of transformation,  transition for the company


  • 3 hours workshop – 10 employees max – Very practical and participative
  • Identification of the behavior to change or the problem to solve
  • Guided discussion to become aware of the Human Factors involve, their bond ; to lead to the identification of ways to multiply the collective power of action
  • Proposal of the first steps and action to change
  • One of the human factor is “MOTIVATION” : this depends strongly of the personality which can be better understood thanks to Enneagram . Amotivation can be reduced thanks to stress management.


  • Creation of a positive group cohesion, a common expérience reinforcing the desire to commit
  • Unblocking a situation and opening new perspectives
  • valuation of employees
  • A projection towards CHANGE and ACTION

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