“I did Life coaching sessions with Margot. She is inhabited by her subject, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She has a keen sense of pedagogy: her words are clear, her explanations, the very expression of common sense, and she always finds a strong image or a quote to illustrate her demonstration. The time with her, fascinating, always goes way too fast! ” A.

“I am a fan of massages in general and honestly, I had a very good feeling each time with the Margot massages, with, in addition, a break in Ayurveda. Above all, I learned that Ayurvedic massage adapts to the client’s state and mood. I would gladly recommend it to people who have difficult moments (low morale, tiredness …) but also to people who want a break from their daily life.” Ca.

“Throughout the sessions, I realized that my attitude towards others and facing the vagaries of life was changing. Before getting angry or bitching I now think about what is important and what is not. I learned to focus on myself so that I could look at the world with a more detached and more benevolent look. Voila, I am launched again, it took time to rebuild myself, step by step and I continue this path which is mine from now on.” B.E

“Lost in the various tasks and obligations of daily life, the Sophrology sessions led by Margot were life-saving: they indeed triggered a real click in me: BREATHE. My breathing, then became again a real tool of well-being. benevolence, her patience and her immense passion for her profession and the well-being of others make her the ideal practitioner, one who gives the keys necessary to move forward with more confidence and peace of mind on the sometimes sinuous path of life.” J.D

When I met Margot I was totally lost. A career mainly in the US, I was trying to find a job in France and was struggling , loosing confidence. In few coaching sessions, she put me on the right track and I will be always grateful for the wonderful job we did together.” E.