Sophrology/Meditation Workshops

I propose 3 types of workshops to impulse Positive CHANGE:
Sophrology was created in 1960 by a neuropsychiatrist, Alfonso Caycedo (Franco-Spanish). He spent many years traveling the world, exploring eastern and western methods, from yoga and meditation to mindfulness, visualization and relaxation techniques and then he developed the method which is known today as Sophrology which means “the science of consciousness in Harmony”.

What is Sophrology?

A concrete tool with :

« Busy place, Quiet mind »


  • Simple exercises to appropriate for everyday life
  • A recording to practice independently
  • No equipment needed, just chairs in a room
  • 40 minutes to 1h30 workshops
  • 2 possibilities:
    • A schedule is offered regularly and people are free to come
    • People sign up for a group of sessions that are tied together by a goal
  • 5 to 20 participants

Course of a session

  1. Going around to discuss mood and feelings of each participants
  2. Guided Sophrology exercises adapted to the request or the intention (It could be sitting or standing up)
  3. Discussion between the participants on the experience of the session OR written reflection on participants individual notebook
  4. Recommendations and advice to the participants on how to do the exercises independently and continue their progress


  • Reduction of harmful stress
  • Creation of group cohesion
  • Reduced absenteeism and improved health
  • Reinforced positive communication and behavior
  • Increased happiness at work
  • Reduced back pain from bad posture
  • Prevention of burnout and depression
  • Beneficial both for the health of the company and for the health and achievement of the staff

Positive Action

Body Awareness

Objective Reality

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