Sophrology uses breathing techniques,

visualisation and gentle body movements

For me, Sophrology is the 1st nice step towards Meditation, leading to more self consciousness. Because it’s not so easy to start practicing meditation, to know how to be present, to reconnect with the 5 senses and the….. what for? Come try sessions and you will feel and will have your answer.

Course of a session:

  1. Exchanges on your present state and your request
  2. Guided sophrology exercises adapted to your request
  3. Exchange on your experience and feelings during the session
  4. Advice and recommendations for exercises to do independently to make them your own

Individual session : 20 BD

Group Session :         5 BD

Manage emotions and stress

Cope with chronique Fatigue and/or Depression

Manage the pain

Regain your ability to concentrate

Unleashing your potential and creativity

Find a peaceful sleeping pattern

Prepare for a test or a challenge

Sophrology means “the science of consciousness in harmony”. Created by a neuro-psychiatrist, this life-balancing technique is made with relaxation, breathing exercises and practical exercises (smooth yoga) for your everyday life. Between western relaxation and eastern meditation, you will learn practical techniques and will be able to reuse them on your own.