Enneagram Workshop

Originally designed as a tool for self-observation, the Enneagram describes 9 major personality types and their interactions. Each of these types is defined by affective habits, a way of thinking and a relationship with others which, combined, result in a specific outlook on the world. Appropriating this tool makes it possible to clarify “Who am I? – Who is the other?  – What causes stress and what drives it?  – What motivate a person” – “How can we meet and understand each other better?”

Like all typologies, the Enneagram highlights the common characteristics of people who fall under the same profile. Within the company, the great strength of the Enneagram is to help you understand how other people think, what they feel and how they filter information.

Workshop Content

  • Comprehension of the different profiles
  • Strong side and weak part of each profile
  • Stress Reactions of each profile
  • How to motivate each profile


  • 2 times 3 hours workshop
  • Delivery of materials
  • Alternating of theorical content, exchange of experiences and practical exercises


  • Respect of the uniqueness of each
  • Reinforce team cohesion
  • More positive communication
  • Progress or groups projects
  • More human and attentive Management
  • Conflict prevention
  • Stress Management

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