Life Coaching

You are rich from your Past

A speaking space of reflection and decisions; to take charge of your life and move forward serenely

Personalized support techniques aimed at bringing the clients gradually closer to their personal or professional goal

I personally experienced, like everybody I suppose, a period of life when I needed a guide , a mirror, somebody to talk and a person that can also push and accompanied me in the direction I was feeling was good for me. But without help, I was not moving forward, not knowing where to start and how to remove obstacles I was clearly seeing in my mind.

That’s what a Life coach is doing. And after few sessions, everything become clearer and you’ll know how to move forward in autonomy.

Course of a session:

  1. Precise definition of the desired objective and update on your current situation
  2. Exchanges and exercises to progress and advance step by step
  3. Setting up actions to be carried out between each session in order to bring you towards your goal in autonomy

20 BD per session

100 BD for a pack of 6 sessions (face to face or online)

For Adults and Teens :

  • Reorient your life and make choices for the future
  • Prepare for an exam or a competition
  • Get rid of a uncomfortable situation (conflict, sadness, depression, job…etc)
  • Learn how to cope with your emotions
  • Advance in a project